About us

About App City

App City was founded in 2014 with the mission to provide schools and businesses with high quality websites, mobile apps, honest and reputable SEO services, with first class service and packages to suit all budgets.

Mobile technology continues to redefine the way we live our lives, with our smart phones at arm’s reach, making our everyday tasks easier and more convenient.

Thinking outside of the box and implementing innovative and fresh approaches to best represent your brand and online perception is something App City prides itself on.

Our large team of highly skilled expert developers will be there for you every step of the way. We are your guide to the mobile revolution. The world is ‘mobile’, EVERY business and school should have a strong and beautiful mobile presence and we are here to remove all the guess work and make it all happen for you.

With quick turn arounds from the concept stage to the finished product, we aim to not only inspire and immerse your customer’s experience but keep them engaged enough to continue to see all that your business has to offer.

Our passion to continue to push the boundaries and limits of the mobile world is what sets us apart. We will position your business right there in the hot seat, increase customer loyalty and satisfaction and help your business grow. Come join our App City family today.

Heleen Bartlett

Founder/ Managing Director

Having spent a large portion of my career in the Telecommunication Industry introduced me to the world of mobile apps and mobile marketing.
I intently watched from the sidelines as the online marketing world shifted towards favoring mobile. More websites were being created, social media marketing was taking off and mobile apps were appearing, not just for banks and photo filters, but for businesses and schools too.
I wanted to create a company, fill it with highly skilled experts and offer Mobile Apps, Websites and SEO Services at an affordable price for all businesses. To provide the smaller businesses and schools with a smaller marketing budget the same amazing tools and resources the larger corporations have.
As a parent, I experience firsthand the massive impact an app has on a school or kindergarten. I understand the importance in providing parents with the peace of mind by receiving up to date news and information quickly and conveniently and all at their fingertips.
That extends to the convenience of my favourite businesses having their own apps too. Whether it be my gym, grocery store or favourite online stores. I loved having them within a fingers touch.
I am extremely hands on when it comes to the business. Most of my customers will deal with me directly and I find immense joy in personally overseeing and reviewing every project.
My client’s feedback is what builds the solid foundation which is App City. We value all feedback with all suggestions taken on board and implemented into our updates and future progression.
The day I started App City, was the day I started living my dream. Being able to wake up every day to help businesses and schools adapt and evolve in the fast moving and ever evolving mobile world is both humbling and rewarding.


Head of Website Design & Development/ Mobile App Design

With 10 years of experience in UX/UI design and development for Web and Mobile Apps my skills and experiences range from building responsive mobile sites that work perfect cross-browser to building scalable websites for any industry.

My approach is simple: To deliver the crispest and visually appealing designs across all platforms, whilst keeping ahead of all of the latest mobile trends.

Web and app designing is an art! A well-known saying is “A first impression is a lasting one.”

Our Websites and Mobile Apps not only look great, but they’ll also deliver solutions that will provide real value for your business.


Head of Custom App Development

I am proud to look after the custom app development at App City. I have extensively experience in programming, web development & design and have successfully completed more than 400 projects.

Maintaining client satisfaction is my main priority with performance, design and security being my main focus.

I am dedicated, hard working and referred to as quite the perfectionist  by the team and my clients.