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App City was created with the mission to provide schools and businesses with high quality apps, first class service and the best pricing on the market.

Our large team of highly skilled expert developers will be there for you every step of the way.

Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction with mobile loyalty programs and in-app support requests. We can help keep your customers happy and coming back for more, time and time again. We help you go viral with social media functions with your app becoming the seed of viral activity, helping your business grow quickly.

The school app for android will provide instant communication to parents and students, providing the opportunity to be kept informed of the school’s activities through notifications, events, photos and newsletters. Halve your communication costs, improve efficiency and build awareness through social media.

We are your guide to the mobile revolution. The world is going ‘mobile’, EVERY business and school should have a mobile app and we are here to remove all the guess work and make it possible.

Heleen Bartlett

Heleen Bartlett

Founder/ Managing Director

Having spent a large portion of my career in the Telecommunication Industry I knew the power of apps and could see more and more businesses were taking advantage of the number one marketing tool every day.

As a parent, I could also see the massive impact an app would have on a school. I understand the importance in providing parents with the peace of mind of receiving up to date news and information quickly and conveniently and all at their fingertips.

I’m supported by a large team of highly skilled experts.

I’m extremely hands on when it comes to the business. Most of my customers will deal with me directly and I find immense joy in personally overseeing and reviewing every project prior to publishing.

My client’s feedback is what builds the solid foundation which is App City. We value all feedback with all suggestions taken on board and implemented into our updates and future progression.

The day I started App City, was the day I started living my dream. Being able to wake up every day and provide businesses and schools with this marvellous tool at an affordable price, is both humbling and rewarding.

Join our app family today. I can promise you, you won’t regret it.

Head of Graphic Design


Head of Graphic Design

Mobile technology continues to redefine the way we live our lives, with our smart phones only at arm’s reach making our everyday tasks easier and more convenient with the use of an app. With this in mind, my approach is simple: To deliver the most crisp and visually appealing design across all mobile platforms whilst keeping ahead of all of the latest mobile app trends.

Thinking outside of the box and implementing innovative and fresh approaches to best represent your brand and online perception is something App City prides itself with.

With quick turn arounds from the concept stage to the finished and published app, we aim to not only inspire and immerse users with their in-app experience, but keep them engaged enough to continue to use all of the wonderful features App City has to offer.

Our passion to continue to push the boundaries and limits of the mobile world is what sets us apart, with our beautifully designed app being an integral communication tool, generating both new and repeat business for your organisation.

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